Our Principles

Our business model and framework is supported by the following core principles which guide overall business ethics and relationship with our customers.

Our Core Values

We are passionate about our clients and we wholly deliver ‘SWIFTly’ at all times

  • 100

    Superior Service

  • 100

    Wide Industry Knowledge

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    International Best Practices

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    Fast Logistics Management

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    Technical Expertise

Our Core Principles

Service Delivery

We understand the importance of time and cost management to our customers’ businesses and have embedded global best practices within our processes to ensure that our customers get second-to-none service from our various outlets to support their goals.

Our service definition is also able to accommodate a wide range of business models from wholesale purchase of products and/or services, to direct retail and other specialized requests. This model is deliberate and gives our customers the flexibility they need to advance their businesses.

The 5 step process approach that supports our service definition framework is:

  • Understand the client’s needs and expectations
  • Develop our knowledge of the client’s business so that our services are value-based to the client on relevance and insight
  • Perform efficient and effective bespoke services through the totality of this understanding and knowledge
  • Assess our relationship with the client in all its aspects; and
  • Ensure the client enjoys visible benefits of our services and his business is positively impacted

Product Quality

At Swift Oil Limited, we remain uncompromising on product quality; our laboratory facility is manned by well qualified laboratory technologists and equipped with state-of-the-art testing machinery to analyse and test all products for quality to ensure they conform with regulatory standards.


In striving for excellence, the Swift team constantly reviews its processes and service levels evolving global best practices to ensure we remain trailblazers in the sector.

We continuously interact with our clients; determine their specific business requirements, develop tailored technologies and apply other available technologies to effectively create newer, better service levels for the client.

At the forefront of this are teamwork, communication, decision making and efficiency through information management and accessibility.


We compete only with ourselves striving always to exceed ours and existing industry standards, ensuring that we provide the best and quickest services at cost effective pricing.

This is possible because we continue investing in assets that support our position making sure our customers are guaranteed even greater service levels.

Client Communication

Communicating with the client on a continuous basis demonstrates how much we understand and plan to exceed their expectations, makes our services visible to the client, and increases its actual value to the client.

At Swift Oil, we maintain frequent formal and informal dialogue with the client for risk assessment and project management purposes.

Evaluating Performances

…for continuous improvement

Measuring performance and continuous improvement is the heart of our service philosophy.

Swift Oil evaluates the complementing metrics of performance against goals to fine-tune deliverables. This includes but is not limited to evaluation of our conduct before, during and after client engagement, vis-à-vis performance of the company, individual members and client feedback.

At the core of this exercise is the practice of communicating “Lessons learned” to improve business practices company-wide.

We also practice…